Welcome to The AI Patent Blog

October 27, 2020

Today, Oblon has launched its AI Patent Blog, www.theaipatentblog.com, which is designed to report and comment on intellectual property matters related to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry. This Oblon blog will serve as a resource for quick access to relevant news at the intersection of patent law and artificial intelligence technologies. With the emergence of cutting edge advancements in the field of AI in the last decade and its impact on nearly every industry, AI innovations provide fertile ground for a new wave of patent applications across the globe.  However, the complex and sometimes abstract nature of AI make it a challenging field for navigating patent prosecution issues and obtaining enforceable patents.  We are excited to report on current developments on technology and legal issues that will impact AI and related fields in Industry 4.0 , and share our insights with the IP community.

This blog is provided and maintained by the Electrical/Mechanical Patent Prosecution practice group, which serves all segments of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Big Data, Blockchain, and all aspects of Industry 4.0., and their patentable issues.”